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2009-05-08 13:39:01 - by Antoine Berlon

Wikibivouac is a collaborative map which reappropriates space to create new uses of the city.

The wiki element of contibutions from anyone aggregates information for improved transient occupancy of place.
To do this, the ZOOM team initiated the Hunting Days sessions, worldwide searches for locations of a particular resource - free, drinkable water points, one of the most critical resources to human existence. The first step was a venture into the streets Madrid in search of a free source of potable water. Discovering a fountain in the park, team members shot video to illustrate the potential uses of the resource, integrating the secnes into an instructional video introduceding the hunt and demonstrating the use of the interface to enter the points by street address or GPS coordinates. Data fields provided a way for hunters to enter info about the point, the way to access it, the times it is available, and other descriptive information. By the end of the first Hunting Day, (57) free drinkable water points had been entered into the database, and appeared in the worldwide map, with concentrations in Paris and Prague. When clicked, the points displayed the desciptive information which hunters had entered.

With the first hunt complete, focus shifted to the development of the openlayer tool which drives the Wikibivouac. Some points displayed at inaccurate locations. Developer Sami improved the accuracy of point placement from the interface, also creating a custom blue icon to represent water point locations. The points were shown by default on a black screen, but if users clicked the small plus-sign in the upper right corner, a small menu appeared which gave the option of viewing the points on two different map views.

After selecting the theme of the second hunt, a second instructional video was produced, keeping a humorous tone to encourage hunters to search for free warm spots where one can find shelter through the night. Again the object of the hunt was a free, available, underused resource important to human survival. The Wikibivouac collaborators await the results of the next hunt, which begins tomorrow.
See the site :http://www.wikibivouac.org/