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Public Lectures on post/colonial mappings (From/To Europe #4)_06/07/2007_K.V.S.

Centered on the question of post-colonial maps, Euromaps proposed contributions which discuss the "fashion" of mapping within the art context and provided some examples of "reflexive" practices.

- Jochen Becker (metroZones)_ Introduction tothe question of post/colonial conditions of mapping.

- Peter Spillmann_ MigMaps : A Virtual Cartography of European Migration Policies.
Peter Spillmann (artist, Zurich) speaked about the history of critique on mappings as well as presenting the collaborative MigMap. This web-based project conveys a picture of how and where the production of knowledge is currently taking place in the area of migration – and of who is participating in and has access to it. MigMap investigates how the new forms of supranational governance, which can be observed in the European migration regime, function: How European standards in politics and civil society are implemented.

- Dierk Schmidt_ The Division of Earth : Berlin «Kongo Konferenz» and the «Kiepert map».
Dierk Schmidt (artist, Berlin) focused on the Berlin-Africa „Congo conference“ in 1884/85. This business meeting of the European nations, triggered by the Belgian King Leopold II, divided the african continent in a ruler-like manner and established the „Berlin borders“, which determine the nation states within the African continent until today. „Unlike 19th-century historical painting that offers striking physical poses, this 21st-century form of historical painting explores the abstractions of the diplomats“, so The Brunei Times on Dierk Schmidt’s documenta-exhibition.

- Sabine Müller (SMAQ architects)_ Congo Maps : Layered representations.
Sabine Müller (architect, Berlin) researched different maps in the Congo region of Kinshasa/Brazzaville. She multi-layered all the maps she could find – from colonial scetches to Google Earth, from car to hotel maps, and from UN carthography to satellite pictures. The research was part of the project ‚BRAKIN Brazzaville Kinshasa – Visulizing the Visible’, published by Lars Müller Publishers and the Jan van Eyck Academie.

EuroMaps is organised by Recyclart within the Culture 2000 project framework of PEPRAV (Plate-forme Européenne de Pratiques et Recherches Alternatives de la Ville | European Platform for Alternative Practice and Research on the City).